DISCIPLESHIP - St. Michael Parish Schools of Religion

Arrival & Dismissal: Sunday students are to arrive no sooner than 11:00AM and Tuesday students no sooner than 6:15PM at the Activity Center. They are to be picked up from their classrooms at dismissal time. Parents, please do not be late!

Attendance: Students are expected to faithfully attend classes. Too many absences disrupt the faith development of the student as well as the class. If a student will be absent due to a long-term commitment, please see the student’s teacher for missed assignments.

Academic Expectations: Each student is expected to do his/her best to reach his/her potential and allow other students to reach theirs. Specifically, each student is expected to:

 1) Come to class prepared

 2) Be attentive in class

 3) Adhere to classroom rules set by the Catechist (teacher)

 4) Respect feelings and ideas of others

Fees: Parishioner Rate: $60.00 for one; $70.00 for two; $80.00 for three or more.

Non-Parishioner Rate: $80.00 for one; $90.00 for two; $100.00 for three or more.


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