The Archangel Choir is for high school age and up and leads music for three Sunday Masses a month.


The Folk Group is for high school age and up vocalists and instrumentalists. This group leads music for two 10:00AM Masses a month.


The Guadalupe Choir leads music for two Sunday Masses a month and is designed for all who currently speak or are learning to speak Spanish. Fluency is not required.


The Funeral Choir is for all adults who wish to minister to the deceased of the parish.


The Refuge Band is open to all high school vocalists and instrumentalists and leads music for two Sunday 6:00PM Masses a month.


The Children’s Choir is for 3rd-8th graders. The choir leads music for Mass every third Saturday of the month.


The Handbell Choir is for high school age and up and leads music for one Mass a month. Only basic music-reading skills are required.


The Orchestra leads music for selected liturgies throughout the year.


Small Ensembles/Cantors/Instrumentalists can be all ages. Minimal time commitment is required.


If you have questions about choirs or ensembles please contact:


750 Bright Road • 617 West Main Cross Street  Findlay, Ohio 45840 Findlay, Ohio 45840  Phone: 419-422-2646

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