We want your wedding day to be as special as it can possibly be.  However it is only one day in a hopefully long life.  Therefore we try to do some things to help your marriage be as special as it can possibly be.  You are required to take the FOCCUS inventory which measures 15 areas of married life and provides an assessment of a couple’s strengths and potential challenges for marriage.  We will score it, and then you will meet with your priest or deacon to go over the results.  You will also need to attend a pre-Cana day (Engaged Couples Gathering) or a Cana II day (if one or both of you has been married before).  The Engaged Couples Gatherings are held at St. Michael’s three times a year.  Married couples of the parish share their experiences and insight about various aspects of married life, with time for the engaged couples to discuss the topics.  The Cana II days are scheduled at other parishes in the diocese and the wedding coordinator will be able to provide a schedule and contact information for those.